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It is a full time degree programmes in the self financing mode, affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. Duration of this study is three academic years with six semesters. These programmes are offered under Choice Based Course Credit Semester System (CBCCSS). The degree is designed to provide the students with a wide range of managerial skills, developing competence in special areas

Sanctioned strength - 40 seats

Total credits : 120

Internal Evaluation : 25% External Evaluation : 75%

The curriculum of this course has been specifically designed to prepare students for managerial performance, current techniques in interpersonal skills, Financial Accounting, acquintance with K VAT, Income Tax Law and Practice and ethical decision making.


Common -(i)Language - English (5hrs)

(ii) Language-Second Language (4hrs)

CM01BAA01 Business Statistics (4hrs)

CM01BAA02 Modern Banking (4hrs)

CM01BAA03 Business Regulatory Frame work (4hrs)

CM01BA901 Perspectives and Methodology of Business studies (4hrs)


Common-3 Language - English (5hrs)

Common-4 Language- Second Language (4hrs)

CM02BAA01 Quantitative Techniques for Business Research (4hrs)

CM02BAA02 Principles of Insurance (4hrs)

CM02BAA03 Corporate Regulations and Governance (4hrs)

CM02BA901 Business Communication and Management Information system (4hrs)


Common-5 Language - English (3hrs)

CM03BAA01 Marketing Management (5hrs)

CM03BAA02 Financial Accounting (5hrs)

CM03BAA03 E- Commerce and General Informatics (4hrs)

CM03BAA04 Business Management (3hrs)

CM03BBA01 A. Finance& Taxation: Paper-I Financial Management (5hrs)

CM03BBA02 B. Computer Applications: Paper-I Information Technology for Business* (5hrs)

CM03BBA05 E. Marketing: Paper-I Product and Brand Management (5hrs)

*Information Technology for Business: Total Credit: 3. Theory: 2 and Practical: 1


Common-6 Language English (3hrs)

CM04BAA01 Capital Market (5hrs)

CM04BAA02 Corporate Accounting (5hrs)

CM04BA901 Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management (4hrs)

CM04BAA03 Financial Services (3hrs)

CM04BBA01 -A. Finance &Taxation: Paper-II Value added Tax- Concepts and Practice (5hrs)

CM04BBA02 B. Computer Applications: Paper-II Information Technology for Office* (5hrs)

CM04BBA05 E. MARKETING: Paper-II Service Marketing (5hrs)

*Information Technology for Office: Total Credit: 3. Theory: 2 and Practical: 1


CM05BAA01 Cost Accounting (5hrs)

CM05BAA02 Special Accounting (6hrs)

CM05CAA01 Advertising and Sales promotion (5hrs)

Open Stream Open Course (4hrs)

CM05BBA01 A. Finance &Taxation: Paper-III Income Tax-Law and Practice (5hrs)

CM05BBA02 B. Computer Applications: Paper-III Computerised Accounting* (5hrs)

CM05BBA05 E. MARKETING: Paper-III International Marketing (5hrs)

*Computerised Accounting: Total Credit: 3. Theory: 2 and Practical: 1


CM06BAA01 Applied Cost Accounting (5hrs)

CM06CAA01 Principles of Business Decisions (5hrs)

CM06BAA02 Practical Auditing (5hrs)

CM06BAA03 Accounting for Managerial Decisions (5hrs)

CM06BBA01 A. Finance &Taxation: Paper-IV Income Tax-Assessment &Procedure (5hrs)

CM06BBA02 B. Computer Applications: Paper-IV Data Base Management System for Business* (5hrs)

CM06BBA05 CM06BBA05 E. MARKETING: Paper-IV Marketing Research (5hrs)

CM06BFA01 Project and Viva

*Data Base Management System for Business: Total Credit: 3. Theory: 2 and Practical: 1

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